Like many of us, Judas was waiting in anticipation for a liberator to come and lead them into victory over the current system. When Jesus came on the scene, I can only imagine the excitement Judas felt as his dreams of a new world order seemed to be at his fingertips. Jesus first speaks of the value of the Kingdom, which of course gets Judas’s attention. Jesus doesn’t stop there though. He then began to focus on the cost of the Kingdom. Judas then starts to second guess if Jesus was truly who He said He was. How could He possibly have any lasting effect if His destiny was just to die? He started finding fault with things Jesus said and did; challenging the very Kingdom he had just previously acknowledged. Why? Because he felt the message Jesus spoke had changed? I don’t believe so. Jesus’ message of the Kingdom never changed, He just wasn’t finished talking. Judas had found an ending he liked, and so had chosen to stop listening. We today, have unknowingly fallen into the same snare as Judas.

For centuries God has so beautifully expressed the wonders and value of His Kingdom, but now, in this hour, He is finishing His prophesy. He is reminding people once again of the forgotten and over looked pages of His Word. The question is, are we done listening? Are we prepared to keep our hearts open just a little longer? To admit that we may have cut Jesus short from finishing all that He wanted to reveal to us in this hour. To let Him be able to prepare us for what is to come, the joys and sorrows; the hardships and the victories. Now is the hour to thank God for what He has done and said, but be searching after more, for He is far from done speaking and revealing. May we as a people be as desperate to listen as He is to speak.