Set Me Ablaze

This two CD collection is a beautiful reflection of Molly’s past weaknesses and failures and the Lord’s strengths and victories in her life. She makes herself vulnerable to listeners in an effort to express how vital holiness and desperate prayer are to the Lord. Each selection takes you to a different virtue of God’s heart and hers. It expresses the beauty and simplicity of two hearts becoming one. It is a poignant expression of God’s relentless pursuit for our affection and our lives. Once you’ve heard it, you too will cry out to God to be Set Ablaze.

Both CDs contain the instrumental talents of Micah Lother. Playing alongside great artists such as Jason Upton and Brian Lother, Micah pours out heartfelt passion and sincerity into each note he plays. Using numerous instruments such as the flute, uilleann pipes and the guitar, he relies completely on the direction of the Spirit. Each track becomes alive and takes you on a passage to the heart of God. His desire to see people recapture the beauty of knowing and loving Jesus is illuminated throughout all the music He has produced.

Price: $15.00

Shipping: $2.50

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